Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have written. Hear me whimper.

I've received quite a few zines, journals, and magazines this summer with some of my work included and want to take a moment to give these folks a shout out.

First, my poem "The Thrift Store Shopper" appeared in the Spring 2008 of the venerable Nerve Cowboy. This is a small press staple, an exceptional journal of accessible and enjoyable poetry. It's always a treat to read.

My poem "The Frat Boy I Was (The Idiot I Am)" was published in Issue #6 of the iconoclastic Fight These Bastards. It's a newer zine and very intelligently written and tastefully done.

As my bio reads in their premiere issue, I once had a pet hamster by the same name. Nibble (my hamster's name was Nibbles) recently published my poem "Crash". In an age becoming more and more dominated by the e-zine, this is throw-back to the old school, tangible zine (or at least "old school" for me). It has a clean design and layout and contains some enjoyable short poetry.

The shocker came when I received a package from England the other day with "Printed Matter" on the envelope. I opened it and, at first, I thought it was one of my wife's glossy fashion magazines. Wrong. It was Phoenix, the arts magazine of Imperial College London, who solicited a piece of flash-fiction from me titled "My Real Hair." This is a gorgeous, professional production with kick-ass photography and some damn fine writing. And there were no advertisements. Imagine that. In England, they must actually fund the arts. What a strange concept.

In e-zine news, I have a poem titled "The D-Word" in the new issue of The Orange Room Review. Check it out if you have a minute.

Also, my review of David Guterson's new novel The Other is in this week's Hippo Press. I saw that it has the book editor's byline, but my name is at the bottom. I assure you, I wrote it.

I've been a little out of touch lately. I'm working diligently on a couple of new projects and laying low this summer. It's never a bad thing to take the phone off the hook and disappear every now and then. I think I ripped that line off a Billy Joel song. Wow. What's worse? Ripping off someone else's words, or the fact that it is Billy Joel?

P.S. Check out my Bush Backwards clock on the bottom of the page. I was very proud of myself for figuring out how to post it. It was something I did after watching CSN&Y: Deja Vu On-Demand the other night. I thought it kicked ass. My wife wasn't as pleased. Definitely worth watching though.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New poems

Yours truly is one of The Poets of the Week on The Poetry Super Highway. These two poems are part of a new collection that is slowly coming together. Someday soon, my boy will be a man.

I'm reading at Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, tomorrow night with Lo Galluccio. If you're in the area, try to check it out. The reading starts at 7 p.m. Portsmouth is a very cool place to spend a summer night. Hope to see you there.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How I Became a Small Press Writer

Sorry, again, for the poor quality. If you'd like a better-quality version, drop me an e-mail. In case anyone takes it this wrong way, it is a satire and presses mentioned are fictional. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"It's a Girl" (the movie)

This is a movie I made of the poem "It's a Girl" from the collection Honey, I'm Home. Sorry about the poor quality, but it was the only size I could fit on this site. Thanks to Dan and Gregg for the use of their tunes. Enjoy.

P.S. I just posted an acerbic Fourth of July liberal rant then realized what a cliched little bitch I was for doing so and removed it. Let's keep it positive this year.