Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who are these people?

First, I want to make a correction on yesterday's blog, just in case the two of you who actually read this picked up on it. Beckett pitched last night (and beautifully), not Wakefield, who I attempted to summon upon with my incantation at the end of yesterday's blog. I used the word "blog" twice in two sentences. Now that's "blogging." It looks like Dice-K is going tonight against Hughes. Maybe Philip Hughes will have a flaring up of anal fissures and get scratched from the start.

But my issue today is not, believe it or not, with the Yankees. If you stuck around, like I did, for the two hour rain delay, you probably noticed something deeply, spiritually disturbing. When Paps came out in the top of the eighth to make A-Rod look like the little, bratty bitch that he is in three pitches, you may have noticed that Fenway was near empty.

Near empty?

Hold on a second here. You have tickets to a Yankees/Red Sox game and you WENT HOME BEFORE IT WAS OVER! And it's not like it was blowout. The Yankees had two men on in a 4-3 game with one of the best hitters in baseball history at the plate and arguably the most dominant closer in the game on the mound. And these people FUCKING LEFT!

What has been happening at Fenway Park for the past ten years is sickening. Ticket prices are so outrageous that the only people who can afford a night at Fenway are the rich, Boston urbanites going to the game to be seen. Real Sox fans, the blue collar base that has always stood by the team, are being bumped from the ballpark. But I'll tell you one thing, the fans who stayed last night made a lot more noise than the Suits that are usually upfront. They did it up right.

I guess that what two World Championships will do to you. First, you start to find Ben Affleck and his babe dwelling beside the Sox dugout, then all the rich corporations buy out the best seats, and the next thing you know, they're auctioning the Monster Seats to wealthy people. Then there's the assholes, like myself, saying things like, "I remember when we used to buy bleacher seats the night of the game for ten bucks..."

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