Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Musings

There's a half an hour to the Sox game and a stack of student papers I need to read. While I've never been one to gush about the weather, it's a picturesque spring day in New England. I think I'll stay inside. Here's today musing on baseball, writing, life.

  • It seems to me that in order to write well you don't have to be a genius (for my sake, I hope this is true). It seems to me that you just need some knowledge of language and how it works, a library card, and the ability to laugh while suffering.
  • Following the Red Sox is like being in a bad marriage, I wrote about this for Slurve Magazine this week. After blowing a five-run lead with Lester pitching last night, I really want to end things between us, but I can't. Boston, I wish I knew how to quit you.
  • I've heard some "literary" writers pooh-pooh the YA genre, as if it's somehow less sophisticated to write to an adolescent audience. To these pretentious asses, I suggest reading John Green's Looking for Alaska, which a couple of my creative writing students suggested I read. It's the best book I've read this year. For real.
  • Someone on Facebook posted this quote from Robert Bly's book Iron John: A Book About Men: "Hermes is the god of the interior nervous system. His presence amounts to heavenly wit. When we are in Hermes' field, messages pass with fantastic speed between the brain and the fingertips, between the heart and the tear ducts, between the genitals and the eyes, between the part of us that suffers and the part of us that laughs." Nice. Very nice.
  • Red Sox Fact (from my Red Sox desk calendar): No player has ever it a home run over the right field roof at Fenway Park.
  • When I retire from teaching, I want to become a Jedi knight. Does anyone know how I can make this happen?
  • Does anyone really read this blog? If you do, if you are reading this, identify yourself in the comments section. I want to know you, chat. And, Liz, you're my wife and I make you read this. I don't think that counts.


christopher cunningham said...

graz, I stop by and amuse myself from time to time with your sports based obsessions.

I myself could care less about men playing with balls, but hey, who am I to mock them, with all their money and such? answer: nobody, that's who.

writing, now, that's a whole 'nother...ugh...ballgame...that's right. I said it.

hope all's well with you, hippie.

christopher cunningham said...

also THIS might help you out.

Nate Graziano said...

Hey CC. Thanks for the link. Maybe I'll stop with the sports stuff and actively pursue becoming a Jedi Knight. Of course, I think I'll have to stop blogging while I'm training, but if you can become attuned with The Force, you'll hear me speaking, like Luke hears Obi Wan.

Come to think of it, I might've heard Obi Wan before, but that's probably attributed to some hippie activity.

Anonymous said...

Doug N. here and I do read your blog , I look forward to new postings, cracks me up !!!

Nate Graziano said...


I've been writing a ton of Red Sox stuff on Slurve Magazine. Go to: and click "Inside the Diamond." The articles are either up or in the archives.

I'm literally sick about last night's game. Seriously, I feel like throwing up when I think about it.