Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Natty and Cracker Hour

At last, the authors of The Idiot Trilogy have returned, and this time, they're taking it to the airwaves. Okay, internet radio, which might not technically be radio waves, but I'm a not science guy. And I'm not sure what I mean by "taking it" to the airwaves. It sounded tough and assertive and no-bullshit. But this is a hosted by the same guys who wrote Chickenshits, so there's a distinct possibility, last minute, we might get scared and cancel the show.

Then I'll call Cracker. "Cracker, we were supposed to do our radio show," I'll say.

"Natty, no one was going to listen anyway."

"You're right, Cracker. By Willy's Balls, you tell the truth."

Tomorrow night at 11 p. m. EST on this internet radio link, we'll be airing the inaugural episode of The Natty and Cracker Hour and hosting our good friend Rebecca Schumedja, the hipster poet. Call in and join us for the baptism of Cracker as a Catholic. If you're unfortunate enough to be home on a Friday night at 11 p.m., this is great excuse to grab a beer and join us.

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