Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some lit news and links

I know, this is a baseball blog, so I should stop being such a self-promotional bastard, but this isn't only about me. It's just mostly about me. In all seriousness, I've had a lot of work appear on-line this summer, so here are some links if you're bored and bouncing around the internet.

I had a couple of pieces from a circle of stories I've been working for, oh, ten years now. The first is flash fiction piece titled "Family Matters" on Fiction365, and the second is a short story titled "Ninety Days" on a cool new website called Drunk Monkeys.

This also this little feelgood piece titled "Opening Day" on Rusty Barnes' blog Fried Chicken and Coffee.

I also have a number of poems available to read on-line:

"Waiting for the Cable Man" on The Orange Room Review.

"NPR and the Death of Electric Guitars" on The Boston Literary Magazine.

"A Married Man Living in a Cheap Motel" on Red Fez.

"Confessions of Recovering Crier" on Underground Voices.

Finally, my chapbook of short prose pieces titled Hangover Breakfasts is slated to be released next month for Bottle of Smoke Press. Also, the contract is being drawn up for a novella-length collection of sex and humor stories titled Some Sort of Ugly to tentatively be released on Valentine's Day as an e-book and print from a new press called On Impression Books. Of course, I'll have more information about that book soon as well.  I'm sorry to report that a contract for this book was not able to be negotiated.

Thanks for enduring my self-indulgence. Back to baseball soon, especially with the trading deadline around the corner.

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