Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some Sort of Ugly available on Kindle for a buck

A buck. Think about a buck. What can you buy for a buck anymore? Maybe half a glass of tap-splash at a dive bar. A pack of gum that has already been chewed. An "I Love Tom Boehner" t-shirt. My book.

Starting today, and for a limited time, you can purchase my new book Some Sort of Ugly for Kindles only at The book will be released in print and other e-book formats later this month, but then the price for the Kindle-version will increase slightly to a whopping $2.99. Then you can seriously contemplate whether or not you want a beer or the words I've slaved over.

Here is the link to purchasing it on

So, you might be wondering, what is this thing that penned about? Here are liner notes that Matt, the publisher at Marginalia Publishing, wrote to describe it:
It’s 1992. Kurt Cobain is alive, flannel is everywhere, and Hamlet Burns is starting college. Little does he know he faces four years of rowdy roommates, STDs, and ill-timed explosions of gas. Along the way, Ham drinks a few beers, breaks a few hearts, and has a near-fatal brush with Hootie and the Blowfish.
Some Sort of Ugly is the tale of Ham’s journey from boy to man, and the women that help him get there. The book is a mix of raunchy humor and nostalgic wisdom, and a true coming-of-age journey. 
Other questions you might be thinking and I might be anticipating: My grandmother loves to read, should I download it on her Kindle? It depends whether or not your grandmother can appreciate the fine art of dick-jokes. Should I download it for my kids? It depends whether or not you can afford counseling. Does anyone die? We all die eventually. Does anything blow up or burst into flames? Duh. Why are you so handsome? Thank you very much.

Also, Dan Crocker, a totally unbiased voice who happened to write a few books with me, scribbled the following blurb for Some Sort of Ugly:
 Some Sort of Ugly is both beautiful and ugly in the way life is both beautiful and ugly. It's a hell of a cast of characters here--Ham, Drain-O, Gloria, all of them. Graziano captures the time and place pitch-perfectly, and more than anything, it's funny. Not a lot of people write really good humor, but Graziano pulls it off effortlessly and manages to give us a little to think about in the process. It's a hell of a fun ride."
This, of course, will likely result in the following exchange the next time Dan and I get together.

"Natty, buy the beer."

"But I bought the last round, Cracker."

"Do you remember that blurb I wrote for you?"

I'll shake my head and reach for my wallet. "How much do the beers cost around this joint?"

"A buck, Natty. One dollar."

"What the hell can you buy for a buck anymore?"

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