Thursday, June 12, 2008

Snuff this

My review of Chuck Palahnuik's new novel Snuff is in this week's Hippo Press. For almost five years, I've been writing book reviews and have never panned a book, until now. This is just bad. I don't proclaim to be any great literary critic, but I can spot a book that is simply going through the motions, honoring a six-figure (maybe more) book deal.

My daughter graduates pre-school tomorrow. Her class is singing Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" a cappella. Rockin'.


christopher cunningham said...

I don't think you 'panned' it, I'd say you 'negatively praised it.'

good read, pete mitchell (and may I suggest as your 'codename:'


Anonymous said...

I once read a letter Chuck wrote to a reviewer who panned one of his books, where he told the reviewer that he shouldn't judge other writer's work becuase the reviewer hadn't written a book himself, and further more, claimed that Great Gatsby got panned when it was released too. This is funny for two reasons. The first being that Palahniuk actively seems to be comparing his work to the Great Gatsby, and second,that he seems to have a childish world view that if someone doesn't like his work, it's becuase that person is a jealous failed artist.

I'm always amazed when seemingly intteligent people recommend that I read Palahniuk's work. I haven't read "Snuff" but you're review sounds like every other book of his I've had the misfortune to read.


Nate Graziano said...

Codpiece. I love it. In fact, I'd shorten it to "Cod" (kinda like "Flounder" in "Animal House") with the understanding that I'm still Pete Mitchell.

And I feel a hell of a lot less bad about panning a book if the author actually took the time out of his schedule to write a reviewer. What a tool. Does he have any idea what book reviewers are paid per review? And to compare any of his slop with Fitzgerald's work is so unbelievably grandiose and delusional that I'm lost for words.

I suppose Ron Jeremy is an artist, too. I won't dispute the word. But both Ron Jeremy and Palahnuik use cock slapping as their medium.

Anonymous said...

The original review from of his novel "Diary."

Palahniuk's letter to the reviewer.