Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic ephemera

  • Watching the men's hockey has been tremendous, and it all culminates in today's gold metal game between the USA and Canada. Regardless of the outcome, you couldn't script a better scenario. However, after seeing the Canadian public's bout of clinical depression following the last loss to the USA, I have a feeling the country will go the route of Jonestown and drink the Kool-Aid if The United States wins again.

  • Boner from Growing Pains is dead. While I'm going to refrain from any of the innumerable dick-jokes I could come up with and pay respects to the dead, I am going to question the producers of the show. How did they manage to name a character Boner on a wholesome family show? Was there no irony in the 80s? It would be akin to naming a character on a Disney show "Come-Shot" or "Dirty Sanchez," which happens to be the nickname many of us Patriots fans use for The Jet's quarterback Mark Sanchez.

  • Mike Lowell really is a stand-up, articulate guy. Part of me is pulling for him to have a big spring and shake-up the squad. Doubtful, but I'd love to see it.

  • While the Opening Ceremonies brought us Bryan Adams and ice dicks, I wonder if the Closing Ceremonies tonight will bring us The Barenaked Ladies singing "If I Had a Million Dollars" for all the endorsements the Olympic champions will have coming their way. Maybe they'll have giant ice boobs this time. Nice.

  • Kevin Sampsell's A Common Pornography is one of the best memoirs I've read in years. If you haven't already, you should pick up a copy. Rock on, Kevin.

  • It doesn't seem like Lyndsay Vonn and Julia Mancuso are going to resolve their dispute with a Sapphic kiss. Son of a bitch!

  • On that note, I think I figured out, specifically, the male allure to watching female figure skating, and it has to do with having the complete, unobstructed view up their skirts. It's almost too easy. Almost.

  • (above) Beckett and Lester and Lackey, oh my! Beckett and Lester and Lackey, oh my! Wake me up, Dorothy. I must be dreaming.

  • Have you listened to Deer Tick? You should. They're a band from Rhode Island, and only good things come from Rhode Island. Think me and Pauly D.

  • Let me amend that so I don't include the Central Falls superintendent and the State Education Commissioner. They suck.

  • Baseball is right around the corner. Amen.

  • Go Team USA! Kick some Canuck ass today.

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Anonymous said...

Usually I can't stand the melodrama of the Olympics, but when everyone kept saying it was the greatest hockey tournament ever played, I had to take their word for it. I know I've found a new appreciation for the sport. It's a shame USA couldn't pull it off, but it's a great story for the Canadian team.